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Marabu Mixed Media Art Crayon

by Marabu
$ 4.19

Add an exciting twist to your artwork with Marabu Mixed Media Art Crayons. These buttery smooth, wax-based pastel sticks are suitable for both wet and dry techniques. The highly pigmented colors easily blend and pop off the page when brushed with water. If the tip wears down, just rotate the retractable body to produce more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
I always love these!

I started out with 4 then 8 now I have almost all the colors available! They are my go to art supply everyday. Fun to incorporate into mixed media ...

Peyton Ballew
My favorite art crayon!!

I use this product all the time in my mixed media projects for the holidays.. I love it!!
Very good product!!

A Little Too “Big”

This is no ordinary crayon. I really like the way that it’s Extremely smooth and glides on very quickly. It’s a great crayon for big projects but does not do well for anything that’s small or needs details. Other than that I like the pigment cause it really does stand out.

Pretty cool

Feels really smooth so it’s great for blocking in colour. Not easy to get finer details with. Definitely a fun tool to play with.

Not What I Expected...In A Good Way!

I'm not a fan of crayons or pastels so I was skeptical on these. Being in a plastic barrel means you don't have to touch the pastel, which was always a downside of pastels for me. And the texture. It's buttery, smooth, and easy to blend, even with your finger! While the wide tip doesn't lend itself to being able to do finer details, gel and paint pens seem to work relatively well on top of them. Definitely going to grab a few more colors from open stock to expand my collection!