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Montana Acrylic Marker, 2mm Fine Tip

by Montana
$ 6.05

Get a taste of Montana's bold street style with their 2mm acrylic marker. This handy tool can be used on almost any surface, thanks to its lightfast, waterproof ink. Filled with water-based, acrylic paint that's highly pigmented, this marker provides matte, vibrant coverage. It's also refillable and the nib is replaceable, so you can use it for a lifetime!

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      So vibrant!

      Great markers

      one of the best

      These are some of the best paint markers out there. I've tried quite a few different brands and both these and Posca are at the top. There is consistent flow and color, strong opacity for layering, and they can even be refilled or the colors can be mixed. Posca can't be refilled or opened so that gives these a step up and added use. I have a few and plan to get even more. Give them a try and see for yourself.

      Cecilia Palazetti
      Always great products!

      I love the variety and quality of the products available. Unfortunately this time there was a missing item on my order. I assumed one of the colors was unavailable and it got cancelled. But I’m a long time subscriber and will definitely purchase again in the future.

      Sarah S.
      Montana Acrylic Marker, 2mm Fine Tip

      These aren’t my favorite paint pens, but they are nice to have as a backup. I like their fine tip metallic paint pens. I also like that they are refillable and the nibs are replaceable. I found out about these several years ago through ArtSnacks and bought a few sets. The paint is so “liquidy” that they run out rather quick compared to most brands. They do bring the color, though!

      Katelyn Dick
      Nice little thing

      I received a Shock Pink marker in a September '21 box that was repackaged as a sort of "art supply date" for Valentine's day. I was pretty impressed with it! The marker tip is stiff and the paint flows out well. Maybe a bit TOO well...I noticed the chamber was close to empty by the time I finished my test drawing, which was a real shame. The nice thing about this item however is there are refills and replacement marker tips available, so you can re-fill and re-use the pens. I tend to shy away from art supplies that have to be thrown away once the ink runs out, so this to me is a nice feature. The pigment is nice and rich, and water-soluble so you can use it like a regular paint also. I don't know if I'd go running for a whole set of these paint markers, but I enjoyed my time with this item.