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Amsterdam Acrylic Ink

$ 9.55

Amsterdam Acrylic Ink is highly pigmented and extremely versatile. It can be thickly applied like acrylic paint, or diluted with water to achieve watercolor effects. Shake well before using, then feel free to work directly out of the bottle with your brush, or use the convenient ink dropper. Layering is effortless with this fast-drying, waterproof ink, so get creative and explore some new techniques!

30ml bottle

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Versatile and Friendly

This was the first ink in a bottle of this type that I have used. I received the Neutral Gray in the November 22 box and was first scared of it. But after I played with it, I found it to be smooth and I could vary it greatly with a bit of water.

Tiffany Wheeler
Wonderful Ink

I have really enjoyed the #315 Pyrrole Red I received, it's very pigmented but easy waters down to a lovely deep pink shade and flows nicely.

Great Ink

This ink is great for many purposes. I used it as an acrylic paint, watercolor, paint spattering, and ink for lettering. I totally recommend this ink!