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Pentel Duopoint Flex Double-Ended Brush Pen

by Pentel

Flex your creative muscles with the Pentel Duopoint Flex Double-Ended Brush. This handy pen is actually two brushes in one, featuring a unique, springy brush tip on one end, and an ultra-fine, flexible nib on the other. Its water-based ink dries quickly, and can produce transparent watercolor effects. The versatility of this brush pen makes it perfect for beginning artists.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Elizabeth Philbrook
A Must!

This is a must for my art work. It doesn’t bleed through and that’s what so great about this. I like that it has two sides. One that offers small detail work while the other end is a bit bigger to handle bigger scenes that I use for my art. Thanks ArtSnacks for always having this available.

Carter Simmons
This is my favorite brush pen!

I've bought four or five of these, after receiving one in a previous box, and will continue to buy more!! This is also the best price that I've seen for them, and i’ve shopped around for them. Overall, I'm very happy!

Loralyn N.
Pennelli duopoint ex double-ended brush pen

Love the flex point on this brush pen!

Favorite brush pen!

This is my absolute favorite brush pen, or inking pen in general! The finer tip is perfect for inking my drawings, giving stability while also allowing for variation in line weight with its flexibility. I have struggled with many brush pens because they are TOO flexible/flimsy i.e. like an actual brush, while using regular fine liners doesn't allow for any line variation. This pen is the best of both worlds, allowing for lines that are clean and easy to control, while still giving you the beautiful line variation and look of a traditional brush pen. Mine recently ran out of ink after much use, and I immediately bought a replacement. 10/10 highly recommend!!

Elyjer T.
Great for line art!

A real nice double sided brush marker. Very flexible brush tip on one side, a good thin tip on the other.
If you do store this marker standing up, I suggest keeping the thin tip on top so that excess ink doesn’t run out, it has gotten my fingers pretty messy.