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Daniel Smith Hand Poured Watercolor Half Pan, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Genuine

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This unique, vibrant blue watercolor paint is made from a gemstone that comes from the Sleeping Beauty Mountain in Arizona, where Daniel Smith found a deposit that meets their high expectations. It’s lightfast and permanent, with none of the transient color fade that most turquoises have. You’ll experience granular washes and true brilliance with this paint.

Daniel Smith watercolors are handmade in Seattle, and every batch is tested for high-quality performance. They’re extremely pigmented and finely ground, featuring superior lightfastness and clear, clean washes even when colors are layered. Daniel Smith offers the widest color range of professional watercolors.

This half pan was poured by hand! Pouring by hand offers the purest form of professional watercolor, requiring multiple pours over a period of several months to produce each half pan.

Please note: This is ONE half pan, NOT a set. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Laura McKenney
    Turquoise watercolor

    It’s amazing!! One if the best water colors and brands! It’s so pigmented!

    Katherine Hanson
    Stunning turquoise

    Great color

    Gee Pike
    I love this color

    I already had some of this color in a tube but had to try it in their half-pans version because sometimes the formulations are a little different imo. This color is so lovely and I love using it!

    Steffanie Lundy

    This is such a beautiful color. I use it all the time. I think I am going to buy a few more because I have so many different palettes that I use for different things and I want this color in all of them! It’s a truly beautiful shade with a nice granular look. I can’t get enough granulation with my watercolors. It gives your work such a unique look that no other medium can achieve.

    Jordan Johnson
    So cute

    So pretty I love teal color