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Plumchester Paint Marker


The Plumchester Paint Marker is filled with water-based, acrylic paint that's fast drying, opaque, and permanent. By reversing the tip, you'll find two different nibs: 3mm bullet on one end, and 5mm chisel on the other. UV resistant on nearly all surfaces, this marker will come in handy for a variety of projects! To use: shake well, remove cap, and press nib down on your surface several times until saturated.

What to expect:

  • 3mm bullet and 5mm chisel reversible nib
  • Water-based, acrylic paint
  • UV resistant on nearly all surfaces

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Rosanna Jones
Great paint marker!

I've had the the best luck with this brand marker, especially when it comes to priming the pen. The paint saturates the nib fast and easy without having a glob of paint fly out. The colors are also amazing.

Can’t get them flowing again

They took a bit to get going and after sitting for a month they seem to have dried up and I can’t seem to get them going again…

Oh no! I'm so sorry you're having trouble using your markers. If you haven't already, please email our support team at and we can help you out!


The coverage is perfect and I love the colors! Well done.

Brittany Mcculloch
perfect tip

i have bought other paint markers and been disappointed when the tips get clogged as i draw on watercolors. these markers, however, don't have that problem! the styrofoam tip (that is changeable) is perfect for drawing on top of other mediums. i have four colors now, and i was excited when they added more. i recommend this marker.

Kari G.
Take a little playing with to get going, but has great potential.

Colors are nice and richly saturated. They mix well with each other even when mostly dry, which is very good for doing more painterly, expressive coloring. Not so certain for flat color pieces with sharp, deliberate separations of line and color. While it does take layers better than, for instance, a Posca, the nib seems to run dry quickly, so it requires more pumping at a risk of spills and splatters, and the white could stand to be more opaque. A good marker to use, but not sure if it feels worth its price point. Definite room for improvement with this one.