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Kuretake-ZIG Clean Color Dot Metallic Double-Ended Marker


Connecting the dots has never been easier. The Clean Color Dot Marker lets you create perfectly round dots—now in metallic color! It features two nibs: a 1mm tip for detail work, and a rounded dot tip. Try changing the pressure as you draw to create brush strokes or dot marks in varying sizes. The water-based, metallic ink shines on light or dark paper.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Very shiny, vibrant markers

I had gotten one of these in a monthly box and was comparing the metallic-ness to some of my other metallic markers and this won, so I got another marker. They're very pretty

Peggy Campbell
Having fun!

I live the items and I'm having fun exploring.

Sarah S.
Kuretake-ZIG Clean Color Dot Metallic Double-Ended Marker

These are fun! I ordered the gold and the silver and I’d like to come back and snag the blue, purple and red. These are great for cards, tags and mixed media. I love that you get two completely different nibs on one pen. Zig has yet to let me down.

Tina Zappone
Two hot pens!

The Winsor & Newton fine liner in indigo blue size .1 writes beautifully. Thin crisp lines allowing intricate details. The elongated tip gives you greater control since you can better see what you're doing. The Zig clean color dot metallic in blue lays down deep, rich, shimmering color. This double-sided marker provides versatility with its dot end and fine point on the other side. A joy to use.

Dot Mania

I really like these pens. I used them for addressing Christmas presents and they were extra special.

The dot side is not extremely metallic, esp on more absorbent papers. The silver one is the most metallic (shiny) of all the pens (I have all six available colors); I think the blue color is the most metallic of the colors, but none of the colored ones scream “metallic” to me. I think they’re best on less absorbent papers, since they worked well on shiny wrapping paper.

The fine-tip side seems more metallic than the dot side for all colors. Not sure why that is, but that’s been my experience.

I still enjoy them. They are more opaque than any of the regular dot markers, which are more watercolor-like and transparent. The opacity of these is a nice variation.