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Free USA shipping on orders over $75!

ArtSnacks Shop Reviews

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Art Snacks Kids Collection

Nice quality art supplies for kids as well as adults learning. The collection has some great intro tutorials, paint, brushes, multi media paper to work out. I think kids would love this set. Perhaps as a suggestion do a few different variations of this set. Or do a new version.

Gorgeous Pens

I ordered these to try and I liked them so much I ordered more! They have a nice tip and the colors are rich.

October 2021 ArtSnacks Plus Box

Plumchester Square Sketchbook

Good quality

Great quality and excellent customer service


I’m trying to get into new/fun art and the contents of these boxes is what I need! Definitely will continue with my subscription!

Super duper!

So much fun.


This is a fabulous box! I liked it so much that I purchased another to send to my niece. All of the markers are excellent quality and I love the RENDR sketchbook! The paper is beautiful for markers and as promised, there is no "bleed through". I have had so much fun using all of the items in this box, especially after watching the Freestyle video. James inspired me to use the markers in ways I hadn't thought of. Pick up this box! It is so much fun!

Extra Colorful!

I've worked with alcohol based markers before but this was my first time working with a Copic. Got it in sky blue, very pretty! I *highly* recommend the RendR sketchbook from this box. 180gsm, *nothing* bled through it and I fully saturated one of the pages with layers and layers of alcohol inks. I always enjoy getting an ArtSnacks box and finding new mediums to try out.

Nice Paper

This was an impulse purchase, so I don't think I read the description closely. The paper is nice, on the thicker side, so would be great for mixed media or wet media. I do wish there were a few more pages for the price though.

Great for Wet Mixed Media

I've loved Gelatos for awhile and was excited to try the Caran de'Ache pastels/crayons. They're firmer than the Gelatos and feel more like a crayon or a colored pencil, where the Gelatos are more like oil pastels in texture. They work well together though. I loved the Dr. Phil Martin's watercolor, really great vibrant color, but it did dry more blueish than the packaging suggested it would, so maybe do some quick swatches before you start.

Kuretake Zig

I loved the hold and green kuretake zig so much I just ordered 6 more gold! We used them for making our own homemade Christmas cards and now we are working ahead to create pieces for next year. They are hard to find so buy them up in bulk when you see them.

Super concentrated

A little goes a long way. I usually only use a drop per project and wind up throwing some away because I had to dilute it so much that I wind up with a lot.

ArtSnacks Mug
Janie Larson
I love my pretzel mug

Every morning when I make my tea, I smile because I remember all the great stuff I get from ArtSnacks. The mug is nice and roomy to hold all my caffeinated goodness. A must for any ArtSnacks lover.

Interesting color palette

I bought the Bright color palette because I’m trying to get better with limited colors that aren’t primaries. This was a dynamic color palette that mixed to create a good variety of secondary colors. I wish that ArtSnacks would offer more products like this to help with my creative process.

Some of my absolute favorite watercolors

I love, love, love Kuretake Gansai watercolors! Ths indigo is one of THE BEST indigos I have (and I have that color from many, many brands - it's my favorite color). You get a near gouache level of opaqueness. All of their watercolors have rich, beautiful color and spread on the page nicely. Their gold is also a solid choice if you want some glitz.

My go-to brush pen

I really, really love this brush pen. The ink is smooth and flows easily. It's great for a project where you might not have a crystal clear idea of the outcome but you just want to get into it - you get a lot of flexibility with the lines from this brushpen.


The quality of all the supplies is absolutely amazing! I love the markers and how well they blend together. I also love the surface and how easy it is to travel with it. Definitely would buy again!😊

Very good lead, but unusual casing

My first impression on picking up this pencil when I got it in my January box was that it was cheap feeling plastic. It is very lightweight, which may be a selling point for artists with a more delicate hand, but to me it feels flimsy and I worry it may break. That said, I have a personal preference for more weighty mechanical pencils.

The thick lead itself is lovely. Goes down smooth and dark, doesn't seem prone to breakage, and erases well. The pencil opens with little difficulty to replace lead or check for blockages. It would be 5 stars if not for the case, but all in all, not a bad purchase for the price. It's just an unusual feeling to have such a thick lead in such a light pencil.

Travel Case Teal

It is very roomy! High Quality Fabric! Already in use as a working pencil and Pen specific, for two Art projects! Definitely an excellent choice for maintaining work schedule! Thank-You!

I love these markers!

I was very happy with my Studio collection and I received a set of the dark markers and I could not believe how smooth and vivid the colors were. I got a gift card and had to get another set. This time I got this set and they are wonderful! These colors are amazing- bright, smooth and even on a cheaper paper there was no bleed through or pilling of the paper! I love them. I now own the dark and bright sets -these are everything for marker artists.

Love Daniel Smith

Came well packaged and in tact. Love Daniel Smith watercolors!

Artsnacks Kids box

Bought this for my 6 year old for her birthday during the MERRY30 sale. She LOVED it when she found it on our front steps. We actually had to slow her down because she blew through almost the entire pad of paper in a day haha! I will definitely be interested if there is ever an actual kids subscription someday. I would definitely purchase this box again in the meantime or if there's another kids collection offered with different supplies.

ArtSnacks Shop Gift Card
LaVonne Shockley

This was a Christmas gift for my sister. She was so happy to get it.

Fabulous gift

I got this for my son for Christmas with a Copic doodling set. He opened it immediately and started drawing in it. Such a great sketch book. The shape is so inviting and the elastic closure makes it feel a little bit secret and secure. I am going to have to get one for myself!