📣 The new 2024 ArtSnacks Ink Collection is now available for pre-order! ➜
📣 The new 2024 ArtSnacks Ink Collection is now available for pre-order! ➜
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ArtSnacks Shop Reviews

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Best ever

Please give this item a try just like I did you wouldn't be disappointed I would give 10 out of 19 if I was allowed too because how much I love this item if you like to sketch this item would be for you


I love all except the metallic paint pens.

Good affordable watercolor

These were were quite pigmented. I think they looked nice.

Perfect for travel. I love this shade of green. I also love the embroidered Art Snacks logo❣️



I love all of the little pockets and holders inside. It can fit a ton of supplies on the go!

My Pride

A proud artsnacker every time of the year.

It's Gelato baby

Smooth as Ice, and vibrant as a rainbow (or a cocktail). A pleasant holder that helps to keep your fingers clean while making the pieces you will love for a lifetime.

Back to Snack

Receiving this box made me a bit nostalgic to the former monthly deliveries, holding it made me giddy.
The content is perfectly curated to go together. The Bookmarks block a nice size to take with you on the go, for those lulled leisure moments that just scream for a little arting. :}

Love the travel bag

I love the travel bag, I wish you could choose between like a sketchy travel or watercolour focused one but overall, I liked everything in there and I am using it to travel currently.

I'm enjoying it so far

I wanted to try a square sketchbook again but it was important that the paper was archival ( which the illo paper is not). I decided to try this one and so far I'm liking it. I already knew that markers would bleed through, which was fine by me since I tend to cut out marker or mixed media paper and stick it to the other side, that isn't a problem for me.
If you're looking for paper to handle watercolor or even light washes, this isn't for you. It doesn't handle wet media well, I've even tested my tombow markers and tried doing a light wash. However if you don't mind the bleed through of markers, want to just use pen/pencil, maybe gouache, this works. Again, I've gotten into the habit of sticking marker paper or mixed media paper into sketchbooks that don't do well with one or the other. Hope this helps!

Love mine, ordered for work too!

I love mine and I ended up ordering a bunch for our art therapy studio too (especially for memory care where we don't want glass cups of water or easily spillable containers!) These are SO great!


One of my favorite pens. Love how smooth it glides!

It's ok

I was hoping it would perform a bit better given it's partial cotton content and name brand. I don't think it's much better than my cheap wood pulp paper. I'll use it for practice, but not anything I'm serious about.


This paper is amazing! My fountain pens work on it without bleeding, and it hardly buckled under watercolor! I love the size as well.

Bought past box on sale

Excellent value-exceptional products.

The paint covers the surface cleanly and smoothly, and touch ups blend in perfectly.

Great kit!

Amazing kit, I especially loved the variety in products. My favourite was the kuretake pen, closely followed by the hot pink travel case. Great selection, I look forward to buying future kits!

I loved everything in the box I received! I recently took a beginner drawing class, so I was pleased to receive the big graphite crayon.

These markers are great for any kind cartooning you may do. I love them!

Really nice to keep around - the "shake to advance" mechanism is cool, but it also works like other mechanical pencils. The grip is good and the eraser mechanism is really nice.

Mom loved it! Perfect gift for her!

The part that holds the bristles of the brush came loose before I got it

Best ever

Please give this art set a go just like I did the drawing book and the pencil case are the best of what I got with everything but I love everything 10 out 10

Love it!

I always look forward to my next box. It’s always fun to try new items I haven’t seen before.

Love this!

I had honestly forgot that I had preordered this travel collection so when it was delivered it was an awesome surprise! I love the variety of the included products…. My personal favorites are the set of 3 pen holders, the hot pink travel case and Plumchester acrylic paint marker. I will definitely purchase future collections if offered again!