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Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor

$ 9.42

Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors are pretty extraordinary! Handmade in Seattle, every batch is tested for high-quality performance. They’re extremely pigmented and finely ground, featuring superior lightfastness and clear, clean washes even when colors are layered. Daniel Smith offers the widest color range of professional watercolors.

5ml tube


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Excellent quality and service, as usual

This is my first foray into daniel Smith tube watercolors and I could not be happier. Definitely will be purchasing more and slowly replacing my cheap, starter set of watercolors


I love the pigment in the watercolors.. These watercolors are very vibrant and colorful. I wasn’t able to afford the watercolor collection so I wanted to get a little taste of Daniel Smith.
Great job Daniel Smith!!

Daniel Smith water color

Absolutely love these! Amazing pigment!

Daniel Smith Watercolors

I had an unusual experience with two of the three tubes of paint when opening them the first time. One pushed paint out of the opening as soon as I released the cap with no pressure on the tube. The second one exploded as I released the cap dropping paint in a 1 inch area and filling the cap with pigment making quite a mess and a waste of paint. I spent time trying to recover as much paint as I could and finally had a chance to try the paint. I might add I live 10 feet above sea level, so altitude had nothing to do with this odd occurrence.
I love Daniel Smith paints and was not disappointed with the colors and how they perform. I had been looking for a different rose color than I had on my palette and am happy with the Quinacridone Rose. It flows on the paper and dries more evenly than my other rose which dries with the pigment subtly filling a slight shade darker in the low spots on cold press watercolor paper.
Overall, I am satisfied with my choices even with the strange experience opening the tubes.

Love them.

Great color and a little can go a long way. Super smooth in texture, rich and vibrant as well. Love them!!!