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Faber-Castell Art & Graphic Water Brush

$ 7.99

Nothing holds water like this brush! The Faber-Castell Art & Graphic Water Brush is the perfect tool for mixed media artists – just unscrew the top, fill with water, and start painting. Gentle pressure on the barrel will allow water to flow to the tip. Another cool detail: the sharp point on the cap can be used for scratching and scraping techniques.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great water brush

I'm still new to using water brushes, but I love how easy it makes watercolors come to life without all the mess! I'm not sure if it's due to my inexperience or not, but controlling the flow of water is a bit difficult and I usually end up with several drops of water coming out of it with the slightest squeeze. Other than that, the tip maintains its form even when dry. I have that issue with another water brush that's easier for me to control, so I love that this one doesn't have that issue.

A Good Buy!

I’m so glad I bought this water brush! It’s perfect to blend colors with when I do multi-color lettering and really gives it a watercolor feel. The water is distributes properly and is perfect for thin lines.

perfect for watercolor

this is a super easy product to use, not to mention how smart it is. if you find you have extra ink at the end, just dump it back in the well. this is also perfect if you're trying to create minimal messes and have a tidy art space. easy to clean and easy to use

Fun water brush

I love this water brush because it is easy to use and a lot of fun with watercolor.

Great product

I enjoyed playing with this water brush after receiving in an Art Snacks box. It has become an easy go-to water brush for me - stored near me at my art desk and tossed in my to-go bag. I even bought a second one, and one for another artist friend. Loved the smaller size, the bristles had a nice point and haven't been destroyed yet (even after multiple uses.) I like the lid, that its a little sturdier thought I haven't played with the line-making part yet.