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Pentel Orenz 1-Click Mechanical Pencil

by Pentel
$ 9.50

This pencil is a one-click wonder! With its special Super Sliding Sleeve™, you only need to click once to extend the lead and start writing. The sleeve prevents even the finest lead from breaking. Do not extend the lead past the metal tip—it’ll write without you actually seeing the lead. It’s pre-loaded with B lead, which is super strong and produces clear, dark lines.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Favorite drafting

I love doing my rough drafts with this pencil. Hasn’t broken yet.

Just click once...

...and you'll be writing and drawing before you know it! I'll admit it is hard to resist the impulse to click several times, but the engineering of the pencil is a marvel and prevents those nasty snaps in the lead while you are applying pressure. I prefer mechanical pencils for writing and drawing, and this is a new favorite! I love the 0.5 mm lead for most uses.

Caylyn Kos
Very good!

I love this. It is really smooth and good for details.(I had the Fine one) It doesn't tear my paper or anything so thats a major plus.