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QoR Watercolor by GOLDEN, 5ml Tube

by Golden
$ 6.09

If you’ve never tried GOLDEN paint, you're in for a treat! This prestigious brand is the leader in high-quality paints. The QoR watercolor (pronounced "core") line is made with a special binding agent that carries more pigment in each brushstroke. The color stays exceptionally bright even after it dries!

5ml tube

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kourtney Reilly
So vivid

These Watercolors are so vivid I love them. Will definitely be purchasing more.

Raissa K.
Love Qor Watercolors

Qor watercolors are one of my favorite! And their indigo is one of my favorites. They definitely look better depending on the paper you are using.

A little bit goes a long way, I’m a watercolor collector and even with my experience I’m shocked by how little paint I need on my brush.

This review is for Phthalo Blue and Indigo. (But I own many more and love them aswell!)

Erica N.

This watercolor is top notch. I bought all the colors they had.

Diana G.
Beautiful colour and great quality

This is one of the best watercolor paint brands I've tried. Love them.

I love qor watercolors!

Bright, vibrant, fun colors that spread spidery tendrils when dropped onto a wett page... I love their boldness and their movement. Seems like people either love or hate qor... for me it’s love. These are great.