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Tombow Fudenosuke Colors Brush Pen

by Tombow
$ 3.79

The Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen is a wonderful tool for both hand letterers and illustrators. This water-based pen features a firm, yet flexible brush nib that allows you to easily transition from thick to thin lines. The pigment ink is rich and vibrant, and won't bleed through most papers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Hannah Samuel
I love it!

I love these pens so much, I finally got one in blue! Though be warned that the colored pens do not work with alcohol markers while the black brush pens do.

Peyton B.
Very vibrant pens!! ❤️

I have been a fan of these brush pens ever since I got my first one.. Now, I got almost all of the colors.. I’m also using these for Inktober 2020 because they really stand out from my Inktober drawings..
I would highly recommend these pens.

Bryan Callahan
Wonderful Brush Pens

These are cool! I've tried a few competitor products, and it's really down to your personal preference/requirements. I need the level of line weight/control that these offer, so they fit my needs perfectly. I encourage anyone interested to judge for themselves though. Its a great price for a great product.