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📣 The new 2024 ArtSnacks Ink Collection is now available for pre-order! ➜
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Tombow Fudenosuke Twin Tip Brush Pen, Black/Gray

by Tombow
$ 5.95
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Add another dimension to your artwork with the dual-tipped Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen. Featuring black ink on one end, and gray ink on the other, this pen is perfect for both lettering and drawing. The firm, yet flexible brush tips can create extra-fine, fine, or medium strokes with a simple change in pressure. The ink is water-based and pigmented.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Dart Dart
Love the color combo!

Really nice, dark black, and adding gray gives line art a lot more dimension. Also, love the transparent tinted cap on the gray end. Both ends have the same semi flexible short blush tip, but different looking caps to make it easily distinguishable.

Kaylie Reyes
I went back and bought more...

I've been in love with this pen since receiving it in the September 2021 box, and I caved during the Valentine's Day sale to buy another; I ended up getting a bonus one in the Blind Date box, so now I have three! I love the narrow tips of the tombow pen for detail work and varying line width, but the tip does fray/widen over time and with use. Also, the ArtSnacks menu from the box claims that the ink is waterproof when dry, but I've had trouble with smudging, even after letting linework dry for a few days.

Michele Peterson

This is the tool I reach for the most! The tips can be manipulated/angled to draw fine and broad strokes. I like having the gray and black in one pen so I can work with both ends. Perfect for Inktober drawings, calligraphy and more! I never want to run out, so I bought two more!

Angelica G.
Tomboy fudenosuke pen

It's a really good pen. Good for fine line details

Elizabeth Petty
Great Marker

This marker is great to have in your toolbox of art supplies. It is a great size tip with the convenience of two different markers on one body! The tip of the marker is similar to a brush but with almost a rubber feel to it.