Bigger box. Exclusive perks. Introducing: ArtSnacks Plus ➜ Bigger box. More art supplies. Exclusive perks. Introducing: ArtSnacks Plus ➜

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Blind Date Boxes

Looking to fall in love with some new art supplies? Take a chance and get to know a previous ArtSnacks box sight unseen! We have four boxes in the ArtSnacks Shop looking for their perfect match. No hard feelings or awkward breakups here – just premium art materials for your creative soul.

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Watercolor Dream - ArtSnacks

Watercolor Dream

$ 10.00
Doodle Sweetheart - ArtSnacks Out of stock

Doodle Sweetheart

$ 10.00
Mixed Media Crush - ArtSnacks Out of stock

Mixed Media Crush

$ 10.00
Acrylic Soulmate - ArtSnacks

Acrylic Soulmate

$ 10.00