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Sakura Pigma Micron Pen

by Sakura
$ 3.33

A must-have product for all artists, the Sakura Pigma Micron was made for everyday writing and sketching. This fineliner's needle tip is perfect for detailed illustrations. Best of all, the patented Pigma pigment ink is archival, reliable, and waterproof.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Michaelle Grover
Great pen

Micron pens in any size are great. They make great lines , waterproof, even ink flow. I use one on every project I do and am never disappointed.

Linda Lowery
Love My New Pen

This pen makes a great line and it is water proof!

Micron Pens

I absolutely love these pens. Always gets the job done.

Esther Hall
Better than Expected

I have tried various Microns so I wasn't sure how I would feel about this tip but I was pleasantly surprised. It felt sturdy and didn't bleed ink like I was afraid it would when pressed hard for my art style. I will definitely be loading up on these in the future.

Sheryl Borsoff
Wonderful Microns

Sakura Pigma Micron lens are the best pens I have ever used for illustration. Their performance is consistently perfect. If you need to draw tight tiny objects or big ones, you will be very happy with the Microns.