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Faber-Castell Polychromos Colored Pencil

$ 3.35
Faber-Castell introduced their Polychromos Colored Pencil to the world in 1908. Renowned for its high-quality pigments, this pencil delivers unsurpassed lightfastness and permanent, rich color. Get ready to experience buttery smooth color laydown and sharp, fine lines!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mark K
The best pencils

Polychromos are some of the best pencils out there. They are vibrant, come in a great selection of colors, and lay down super smooth.
The buy 2 get 2 free that ArtSnacks is running makes it a no brainer to stock up on colors I don’t have.

Jenn K
Great Pencils

Love my Polychromos pencils! Nice and smooth and great for detail work. Been building up my collection one by one and with the special ArtSnacks was running I was able to get quite a few new colors!


Beautiful creamy colors

Jen S.
Wonderful Colored Pencils

I haven't spent enough time using them to properly compare them to my Prismacolors but they lay down smoothly and richly. I bought four of the maximum lightfast pencils (three stars) during the buy 2 get 2 sale: Dark Indigo, Cobalt Green, Pompeian Red, and Beige Red. I wanted to try them out first and if I liked them, not have duplicates within one of the smaller sets. I've enjoyed them so far! :)

I doodled this cute little rat. She's outlined in Indigo which was also used in the darker hearts and on her nose and whiskers. Her fur is Pompeian Red and her paws, tail, and inner ears are all Beige Red. Her irises and the gradient in the heart is Cobalt Green. (The two reddish hearts are other products and the highlights were all added/enhanced with Yono White or Montana White Acrylic Markers.)

Nan L.
Polychromos colored pencils

I love my Polychromos pencils! They lay down so nicely on the paper. I recently found coloring as a hobby, and these have such brilliant pigments in them! Thanks for making them accessible to us.