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Winsor & Newton Drawing Ink


Big things can come in small packages! A favorite of illustrators since the 1890s, Winsor & Newton Drawing Ink features brilliant, dye-based color that’s great for precise line work or looser application. Apply it with a brush, pen, or airbrush. All colors can be mixed and they're easily diluted with water. The ink is fast-drying and water-resistant when dry.

14ml glass bottle

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Great inks

I've used this ink in several colours, mostly black and red, in my professional work. They're great inks, very fluid and easy to use with great pigmentation. You can even mix them to create new shades, and dilute them slightly for a wash if needed. The small jars could use some improvement -- while they keep the jar steady on the table, they're a little awkward to dip into -- but that's all.

I love it

I haven't played with ink before this. But it's super fun to play with and I love the apple green , its so pretty

It's smooth and the consistency is good and it lays down very even pigment

Danielle S
Great quality ink!

I got all three colors and they're all wonderful. Very bright and pigmented. I only wish Art Snacks had a blue color too for mixing. Will definitely buy more if more become available!

Anna Caudle
Great products

Great quality products! So fun to use and highly pigmented. Would buy again.

Nice ink

I really like the ink and the color is perfect for the project I had in mind for it!