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ArtSnacks Shop Reviews

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I always love anything by artsnacks

I haven’t had a chance to try all of the different types of paper yet, but I love these tiny pads! They would make great gifts - but I’m not sharing my first order with anyone!

So pretty

I am going have to get more of these so pretty and easy to use

My favorite water brush

I have a great selection of water brushes, small, medium and large, but this is my favorite! You can easily fill it up and it expands, it does not leak, woderful waterflow control and it is a finer brush for thin lines, yet you can moisten the papers easily with it for washes! My go to / take with me on travels and trips!

WatercolorSnacks Quarterly Subscription

What a fun gift!!

Got this as a gift for my husband who recently got into watercolor - he loved all the new and interesting items that he hadn't already discovered. High quality paints and paper. Can't wait to try next month's!

great cup!

took this traveling, and it was great. didn't take much space to in my art bag.

Interesting Box But...

I love the markers and crayons. But the journal is a texture that I hate so will have to completely cover it in order to be able to use it. The ephemera was underwhelming, will not use that either. As a whole, the supplies for creating art is wonderful but the paper products are upsetting.

Waterproof, questionable lifespan

I loved that these have a variety of sizes and are waterproof for multimedia journaling. However, the 08 nib struggled to write names on a dozen of the glossy cardstock of kids Valentine's cards, which might just mean they don't work on as many surfaces as I'd hoped, but also has me concerned about the longevity.

Very nice!

Very nice pin, good quality, and very nice color!!!!!!

Plumchester sketchbook

I love these sketchbooks. Great paper and I love the purple cover

Beautiful High Quality

I am so happy I got this pin! It is very good quality and is shows I am an official Art Snacker!

Valentines gift

I got one for my wife, son and myself. It’s become my favorite journaling pen and I’m excited to try different refills when it finishes

Great go-to

I was in need of waterproof pens that could stand up to the layering in my art journal. This is a nice find!

Great paper

I love the sturdy feel of the paper and the perfect grain. So glad this comes in a square format.

Great colors

Kurtake paints are a great watercolor paint. It’s not quite as opaque as gouache and more opaque than traditional watercolor. The colors in this set are unique and slightly muted.

Brilliant colors!

I’m all about earthy colors and this set makes me really happy. Beautiful golds, greens and browns that are vibrant and easy to blend.

LESS THAN PERFECT Plumchester 1.5 Fine Brush Pen

Lyra Aqua Brush Duo markers

These are fantastic and fun to use!

Feb 2024 box. Really fun items in here, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t opened theirs yet but I am happy!

Smart choice of pigments for portraits.

Sparkling ✨

Such a beautiful shimmer I love the purple!

Excellent paper

I’m a paper-ho and I buy all of them. I was very happy with the Fabriano feel and results. Great price too. I’ll be stocking up I think…