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LESS THAN PERFECT Plumchester 1.5 Fine Brush Pen

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This less than perfect version of the Plumchester 1.5 Fine Brush Pen features a Plumchester logo that easily wears off the pen body. Other than that, it works just fine and performs exactly like the regular Plumchester 1.5 Fine Brush Pen.

Experience precision and control in one remarkable pen! The tip of this pen is soft and flexible, yet it holds just enough firmness to achieve superior line work. When using the P1.5 (for short), a light touch on your surface will deliver a finer mark, while a heavy touch will result in thicker lines. The brush nib will spring back to its original shape after use.

 What to expect:

  • 1.5mm flexible brush nib
  • Pigmented, fade-proof, and waterproof when dry
  • Works best with graphite pencils, colored pencils, alcohol markers, smooth paper surfaces

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kent Good

LESS THAN PERFECT Plumchester 1.5 Fine Brush Pen

Julia Myers
Love this!

This is great for doing hair and eyelashes!

Rohvannyn Shaw
Very nice, expressive pen!

I've learned to love this type of flexible nib. When I saw the option to get some for a good price I jumped at the chance. What do I care if the markings on the barrel might rub off? All that matters is this is a really nice pen! I really like drawing with it and the quality of line is excellent.

Brianne Goetz
Awesome pen for inking details

Absolutely love this pen, it feels fantastic and is wonderful for inking in shading details - little marks or hatchmarks or stippling. Really good flow, excellent nib!


I like these! Nice flexible nib.