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Kuretake-ZIG Brushables Double-Ended Marker

$ 3.68

Introducing the perfect marker for blending and layering! The Kuretake-ZIG Brushables marker features two brush tips, each with a different tone of the same color. The water-based, pigment ink is permanent, lightfast, and acid-free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mark K
Fun pens!

Love how these pens have two colors that are close to each other in the same pen and multiple pens in the same color family. You can get a big gradient with just two pens!


Love it gunna buy all colors next ✨

Great value/ good performance

I received the spring green pen in one of my ArtSnacks plus boxes and decided to order a few more colors. I really like the performance and having 2 tints in the same pen. The coverage is even without lines and layering the same color gives a slightly darker shade. You must be careful with blending as some colors don’t blend well and adding too many layers will tear your surface.

Lisa Strasbaugh
Pens pens pens

I bought the double ended brushables. I just love one end is slightly darker of the same color. Makes for great shading. Love Art Snacks

Sandy Suminski
Fun dual color story in a single pen

Enjoying these pens for their lighter and darker take on a single color. Pure Pink is expressing my current obsession with pink nicely.