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Kuretake-ZIG Painty FX Marker, 1.5mm Fine Tip

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Add an explosion of color to your work with the Kuretake-ZIG Painty FX marker! Permanent on almost all surfaces, this alcohol-based paint marker lets you experiment with mixed media techniques. The opaque, highly pigmented ink lays down smooth and dries quickly, making layering easy. To begin paint flow, give the marker a shake, then gently press the tip down on your art surface.

Customer Reviews

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Fun marker

This marker is super fun to play with , I've been using it on a ceramic bunny andseems to stuck just fine ,

Got to remeber to shake it really well before using it though cuz it seems to separate kind of fast when not in use , I got it on sale for .75 so at that price it really can't be beat


This marker is mainly to be used for metal, glass, plastic, or wood. The colors are very bright and they do tend to bleed if too much pressure when using.


These were fun to try but I will say that the colors are very bright. If that’s what your looking for then these are for you.

Not a fan

This is the only thing I really didn't enjoy from the shop. It is alcohol based so it's not great on paper (but may be better on other surfaces). It was inconsistent, coming out opaque and creamy then nearly clear and dark. The first layer looked ok but when I tried to do a second coat it went from matte to glossy (?!) and really made a mess. I also had some issues with the paint sticking to the part where the nib meets the base but not soaking into the tip where you actually need it.

I WOULD recommend the Manga Liner if you like metallic, the Montana markers, and of course Posca. All are water based, have at least one option in a similar fine size, and offer consistent coverage.

Kelly B.

Absolutely love Painty FX by ZIG! Will definitely be purchasing more of these in the future when more colors are in stock.