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Speedball Brush Shaper

$ 7.44

Reinvigorate your brushes with the Speedball Brush Shaper! This magical product stiffens and reshapes bristles (natural or synthetic) without harming the brush or the environment.

To use: clean your brush, removing all the paint. Dip the bristles into the Brush Shaper and reshape the brush to its original form. Let it dry, and voila! Your brush will be as good as new.

Please note: brush not included.

2 oz jar

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Deborah Ledford
Brushes Saved

Great product for restoring my brushes to a usable state. As a doll artist I use the tiniest of brushes and they can wear out quickly. I highly recommend this product for your brushes. It states to leave for four hours but, if you can leave it for a day or two I think you get a better result.

Maria Andrew
Brushes Brand New

This works great!! I was pleasantly surprised how well my brushes were restored. I'm hoping it lasts me a long time but would buy again when I run out!


Worked perfectly

Sarah King

My brushes are like brand new! Thank you so much! My only request would be to include some instructions. I'm a newbie to this lol!

Michaelle Grover
where have you been all my life

This brush shaper by speedball is the best stuff when you need to give some abused brushes some TLC.