📣 The new 2024 ArtSnacks Ink Collection is now available for pre-order! ➜
📣 The new 2024 ArtSnacks Ink Collection is now available for pre-order! ➜
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ArtSnacks Teal Travel Case

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We love the convenience of having all our art supplies stored in one place—and that’s where this limited edition ArtSnacks travel case comes in. Tote this bag around town, proudly representing ArtSnacks! Custom-made from durable nylon, this case comes in ArtSnacks teal (a color exclusive to our customers) and features a variety of storage pouches to fit all your different materials and tools.

size: 8.5"x2"x5.5"

    Customer Reviews

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    Amanda Foster

    I love all of the little pockets and holders inside. It can fit a ton of supplies on the go!


    Overall, I like using it because it’s holds a lot of art supplies. My issues is the stretchy fabric since doesn’t hold them in place that well.

    Love this

    I got this tote on sale to round out the price on a bunch of pens I was also buying on sale, and gosh was this so worth it. I caddy all of my regular sketchbook materials in here consistently now, and it's so convient to throw everything in here organized than say a one pocket plastic pencil box. The proprietary color is also super pretty and vibrant, I had doubt it would be so bright, but it's really striking to look at.


    Large enough to hold a travel art kit.

    Favorite! Favorite! Travel case

    Going to be a staple of mine. I just got this for my nephew for Christmas, he’s been eyeing mine forever! All the different pockets and pen/marker/whateverly spots you can fit so much in this bag. And I LOVE the nylon outside that lets it slip in and out of my backpack and totes with ease.