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📣 The new 2024 ArtSnacks Ink Collection is now available for pre-order! ➜
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Stabilo Point 88 Fineliner

by Stabilo
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Europe’s #1 fineliner, the Stabilo Point 88 is a timeless classic loved by many. This 0.4mm pen features water-based ink in vibrant colors, formulated to withstand a long cap-off time. The fine tip is encased in metal to extend the pen’s life and make it suitable for use with rulers and stencils.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jen S.
Excellent Fineliners

I bought Eucalyptus, Ice Green, Pistachio, Mud Green, Grey Violet, Plum, Rust Red, and Strawberry. They're all nice colors, most of them can also be found in the Muted Set (with the exception of Ice Green being in the Pastel Set.) I considered buying one of those but the Buy 1, Get 1 Deal on the individual markers was just too good to pass up!

I have the 40 Fineliners set by Staedtler (which are a hair finer and have a pale pink which is why I wasn't concerned about giving up the Blush), but as it turns out one of the turquoise colors in that set is almost an exact match for Ice Green! I'm not too fussed about this because it's such an absolutely beautiful color that I'm happy to have more of it, I was simply surprised and now I wonder how the Stabilo Blush compares to the similar hue by Staedtler (I suspect it would be less saturated but who knows?) The two reds are also similar, just nowhere near as close, and they go really well with the reds from Staedtler. Strawberry ended up being my overall favorite! It and the Ice Green are more saturated than they appear in the sample and they're stunning. Rust Red straddles the line between red and brown which makes sense given the name but it and Grey Violet resemble the sample and their cap colors the least (absolutely swatch these bad boys out; it's just a fact of life with markers especially.) Eucalyptus is probably the closest to cap and sample; I really like it but I'd personally call it more of an icy color since it's soft and subdued. Mud Green is a very dark olive, it's also more brownish, and Plum and Pistachio seem fitting for their namesakes (Plum is also much darker than cap and sample but it's very pretty, almost velvety.) Grey Violet is a bit of a disappointment because it's much darker than I was expecting; it's pretty but most suitable for shadows (lol it matches the actual shadow on the cap more closely.) It's roughly the same value as Plum but less saturated. I enjoyed the Rust Red more because it reminds me of a nice Mahogany.

Stabilo are good quality, the pens won't roll, and there are cute little swans embossed on the tip of the cap and the other end. I also like that they number their markers which makes using swatches a lot easier than with Staedtler, for example. These markers can bleed a little bit through thinner paper if you're laying down a larger area, like in a sketch book or an adult coloring book, so be careful. I'd personally use a piece of scrap paper in-between. I do recommend them! (Also, mine were shipped securely inside of a small bubble wrap sleeve with some other items.)

Courtney W.
I can see using this more than I thought I would.

I thought it would bleed through, but the ink color is light enough to not show through, so I might actually get to use it for inking, which is awesome!

Kathleen S.
Overall a positive experience

I am pleased with my purchases, the shipping was questionable as the various pens and brush weren't secured in any fort of fashion and could have been damaged in transit. The books were nice, and I liked what I selected. I may not be able to afford the monthly subscription but I'd buy from again in the future.