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Derwent Graphic Pencil, HB

by Derwent

A successful sketch starts with a good graphite pencil. The Derwent Graphic Pencil is smooth and strong to the core, which means you'll experience fewer broken points. Its hexagonal body is easy to hold, making it the ideal choice for lengthy working sessions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Danielle S
Great pencil!

The pencil is good, it sketches well, mine gives a little bit of scratchy feedback which can be nice. The core seems to be centered, sharpens well, and I would be interested in trying other grades of the same brand/line.

It's a pencil

It writes quite well and smoothly. It has been a great first step to sketching out a canvas. It is also a pencil, so there's not much to say. Sharpens fine, the point holds up and doesn't break, nor have I experienced any of those hardened graphite nuggets in the point. It doesn't wear down fast either. All in all, solid pencil for those among us that like that sort of thing.

Awesome sketching pencil!

i was very excited when I received this pencil in my July box, because I already own a couple of other Derwent graphic pencils, but I did not have the HB pencil. This is great for sketching: it has a wide range of marks that it can make, the tip is super strong and doesn't break often, and it erases smoothly. It's also really easy to sharpen, which is awesome, because everyone hates when their pencils break while sharpening. Awesome pencil, awesome brand.