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ArtSnacks Quarterly Subscription


ArtSnacks Quarterly is our new and improved subscription plan! It’s replacing the monthly ArtSnacks and ArtSnacks Plus subscriptions.

The ArtSnacks quarterly box is great for new and experienced artists who are interested in drawing, painting, and everything in between.

In every box, you’ll receive full-size, premium art supplies (a mix of individual products and full sets), as well as a full-size surface selected to work perfectly with those items. You’ll have everything you need to create a masterpiece right out of the box!

You’ll also get access to 3-4 livestream classes per quarter. So, you’ll have plenty of time to play with your new supplies, and receive instruction on how to use everything.

What’s included:

  • A full-size surface
  • No more random colors! You’ll get a mix of 4-6 individual products and full sets
  • 3-4 livestream tutorial sessions per quarter
  • More time to explore and play with the materials
  • Subscription purchases will now earn you ArtSnacks Shop reward points!
  • Faster shipping
  • Less expensive monthly cost

The next ArtSnacks quarterly box will be the spring box, shipping out in early March!

(PLEASE NOTE: The art supplies shown in the photo are super awesome, and may OR may not be featured in future ArtSnacks boxes.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Quarterly Box

Most of the items were really great, quality supplies. I am excited to use the pan pastels (new for me) and the paper. The pencils were unnecessary - I have so many already and they seem to come in almost every box. The colored pencils were awful - terrible quality and hard to use in details because they aren't sharp and are mechanical so don't go in a sharpener.

Love the pastels

The pan pastels are amazing! They’re so vibrant and combine well with the colored pencils. The paper is super high quality, and you can’t go wrong with the drawing pencils or the kneaded eraser. As much as I love the idea of mechanical colored pencils, I do think these fall short on quality. They’re hard to blend, and they color like the cheap ones I have for my elementary students in class. The mix of products is great, though!

Marco Eltze

ArtSnacks Quarterly Subscription

Kate Stamer
ArtSnacks listened!

I would never pull the trigger on ArtSnacks because, for the price I would be paying, the idea of receiving random colors was just not justifiable. I pondered which art box subscription for a long time, and saw so many unboxing videos to help decide, and the color combinations were so consistently bad. When ArtSnacks announced that they would start using curated colors, and offered a quarterly subscription, and I was sold. My first box was amazing, it was so stuffed full of supplies, all great quality, and so many new things to try. The full sized surface makes it totally worth it.

Brett Close

I have tried other art box but my son says he only wants the artbox from Art snacks