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Higgins India Ink Pump Marker, 2mm Chisel Nib

by Higgins

The Higgins India Ink Pump Marker lays down artist-grade pigment ink with ease and control. Ideal on paper and boards, this tool has a water-resistant, matte finish. It lasts seven times longer than most permanent markers, thanks to its refillable body. Just remove the tip and add more Higgins ink! Be sure to shake thoroughly before use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Miriam Z
Always Quality Art Products

I love the art products the art snacks curates.
It’s always good quality Supplies.

Erin Elizabeth Partridge
Fingertip saver!

This marker is quickly becoming a favorite! I love that I can get india ink performance without the messy fingers and workspace that usually happens when I pour out india ink in a cup! This tool is easy to use, plays well with other materials, and the chisel tip is just right for a wide variety of line weights.


This is my most favorite item in my art box; fourth only to my mechanical pencil, eraser, and 0.1 micron pen, this marker is essential for that true black and beautiful flow of black. It may still layer your blacks but it does so beautifully. It’s an incredible pen that I look forward to buying in quantities of like five as soon as this pen’s ink gets to the half-way mark, which you can monitor as well!


I love this product. I would buy them in more colors if that was an option!

Excellent Excellent Excellent!

Mine was received through the basic subscription box, but it functions beautifully! Priming it into the cap is brilliant. I was concerned about ending up with an inky mess but it has a clean flow onto paper (the only medium I've used it with thus far) and very easy to control where the ink is going.

The chisel tip definitely gives a wide variety of line thickness and it's so soft it almost feels like a brush as i'm gliding it over.

The only thing keeping me from giving the full 5 stars is just i haven't experienced refilling the marker yet. It does seem like it will be easy, but I wouldn't want to mislead buyers before I know for sure.

I did try to see if this was available in other ink colors and it doesn't seem to be (at least at a quick search.) and i would love if i'm able to clean it out well and refill with various colors.