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📣 The new 2024 ArtSnacks Ink Collection is now available for pre-order! ➜
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Kuretake-ZIG ai Liner Brush Pen

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Inspired by portable cosmetics, the Kuretake-ZIG ai Liner Brush Pen has an ultra fine brush tip that’s also used in actual eyeliner pens! This cute, compact tool features waterproof, pigment-based ink that will not bleed when used with alcohol or water-based markers.

Please note: this is NOT an eyeliner pen and should only be used on paper, NOT skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Diane Johnson
Great For Detail Work

This is about the finest brush pen you'll find. It's great for the small details and fine line work like eyelashes, eyebrows, lips, teeth, and clothing textures/details. It's easy to control for a brush pen (which can still be more difficult than using a brush), and the short length keeps it tight in your hand so you can lift it off the paper naturally without messing up the end of your line.

Jordan Johnson

Perfect liner being a brush pen is just a bonus

Tina Zappone

Beautiful, lightweight, smooth ink flow, great line diversity.

Claire Murray

I love this pen sooo much! Great for eyelashes etc...
A product I have not been able to find in Australia.

Sam K
Great Stuff

I have been looking for these Kuretake-ZIG ai Liner Brush pens forever; I'm so glad that I found them here. They will transfer over to the opposite page of your sketchbook, so make sure that you let it dry completely before closing your book.