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Marabu YONO Acrylic Markers - 0.5-1.5mm Tip, Set of 6

by Marabu

The Marabu YONO (“you only need one!”) is an opaque acrylic marker made for any surface and any style. Your artwork will last a lifetime on absorbent surfaces, or can be easily wiped off smooth, non-absorbent surfaces with a damp cloth. From line art to fine art, the YONO’s water-based, lightfast ink delivers brilliant color. This set includes six markers with fine bullet nibs (0.5-1.5mm) in an assortment of intense hues.

This set includes the following colors: Black, Cherry, Dark Blue, Rich Green, White, Yellow

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Peyton Ballew
    These are laced with magic!!

    i love these markers.. and I’m just happy to be a Marabu supporter!!

    Jen S.
    Vivid Colors

    I also got mine in the Sept 2022 box but I only have one other acrylic marker to compare these to currently, a white Montana. They flow better at the start (the Montana seems to require a shake and pools a bit at first, both times I used it) and the white one is reasonably opaque with a few layers; good for highlights. The black is very dark and the other colors are cheery! I'm going to use them on some tiny canvases eventually but so far they've worked well on mixed media paper, colored pencil, and ink. (I haven't done extensive testing though.) The Yono is only lighter than the Montana in my image because the super opaque splotch is where it pooled, then I went over the top line at least three times. I didn't go over the Yono as much, only twice, but it has decent coverage I think.

    Great bright colors!

    Received with Sept 22 box. I've used many paint markers, and these are good quality, the nib seems durable, yet still allows paint to flow. The colors are bright, and the fact that they're light-fast is awesome!