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Derwent Paint Pen

by Derwent

Color us impressed with the Derwent Paint Pen! Water soluble when wet, but permanent once dry, you can create a variety of unique effects with this pen. The opaque pigment ink flows from a fine, 0.5mm tip and offers immense depth of color, even on dark paper. It's perfect for blending and layering techniques!

    Customer Reviews

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    Lori Brewer
    I’d go 4 except for…

    I know lots of folks have had troubles with paint blobbing with these paint markers. Up until the last few days, I haven’t…until now. That being said…and will discuss at length in a min. I love the way the paint flows and the colors. Just curious…why isnt there a black, white or grey??? I was hoping by being gentle with them, dipping the nibs in water to start the flow, that I had bypassed the issue. What was the change? Not sure to be honest. It could have been that they sat too long in a horizontal position…but what I think more likely, in my case, a 4 hour flight to Colorado or the act of going from sea level(NC) to the Mile High City did it.So what’s an artist to do??Problem solve!!I noticed that many had air bubbles. So I briefly removed each nib to allow air escape and made sure they have been stored vertically with nib up. So far, it seems to have done the trick.I tested all of them and had problems when I depressed the nib. Or shook up the pen. So to be safe, store upright, and when using allow gravity and water osmosis to start the flow. I may go back and take the nibs out and break bubbles some that have to see if it goes better.

    Lily Kaplan
    I like it

    So far a great paint pen. I love the usual colors

    Marisa Faith
    A Big Mess

    The color of this pen is absolutely gorgeous. However, I may have received a faulty one because it floods EVERY SINGLE TIME I attempt to use it. I've even resorted to tightly wrapping some paper towel around the nib to absorb the flood. Sometimes I can get a few good lines (sans flooding,) if I've wrap it tight enough. But sadly, it's finally going in the trash. It's just not working out. :(

    Oh no! We're so sorry you received a faulty pen. Please email our support team at and we can send you a replacement!

    Mandy G.
    Love paint pen

    I love these paint pens so much I had to buy more 😊

    Peyton B.
    Amazing Pen!!

    I got this paint pen in a recent box from ArtSnacks and it quickly became a favorite of mine..
    I use this almost all the time now.. :)
    I would highly recommend this paint pen..